Alexis Valenti
Overconfident Clutz of a Spy
Creation Year: 2001
Alexis was made as a literal opposite of Fox. I made her exclusively for my 2d Animation class when I wanted a break from Fox after drawing some 800 frames of him the previous quarter. So then, female? check. oversized proportions? check. Hair? check. At this point, it was just like any other big breasted girl with a gun.. so to put a spin on it, I tried to make her fail at using those assets.
I never really developed the character much beyond that, but she's still fun to draw when I want a break, and something different.
Brief Bio:
Full Name: Alexis Valenti
Species: Human
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 6inches
Job Title: Interstellar Spy
Tools of the Trade: Blaster, Special issue combat visor
Abilities: Espionage, proefficent with laser based weapons. Charisma, charm, arousal, some combat and gymnastic training
Personality: Alexis is widely over confident in her abilities as far as just about everything goes. She thinks can can charm her way out of situations by flaunting her stuff. She feels like she is one hell of an expert sharp shooter. And she thinks she has wild acrobatic skills to get herself out of any bad situation. But, all of these are incorrect, and she instead finds herself stumbling through things, barely escaping or getting the job done. It's in these situations were the struggling, frusterated and clltuz that she really is, show through in full colors.

Unfinished 2d animation short introducing Alexis.
The character I created specifically for this class, and her wild adventures in failure.