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Smash Brothers
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All graphics are created by, and property of:
Nathan Horsfall

Copyright 2005 and Beyond

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The Smash Brothers are a band who play videogame music and even some movie stuff too! The music is top quality.
The CD itself was conceptualized by their mad genius bass player: George (Norg) E. Nowik, who worked with me to create a GBA looking cart, staring the group as crazy cartoon characters.. with Bacon everywhere.
Contra 4: Rocked N' Loaded
Contra 4: Rocked N' Loaded is a CD designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Melt Faces.
This CD takes the entire Contra 4 Soundtrack, composed by Jake Kaufman (who also contributes a track to the CD) and reimagines them all into a metal assault on the ears. So because of the music intensity, and the fact it's Contra, I went about as over the top as one can go. Months upon months of work into this one.
Character line art done by: Snappleman
Anime girl line art done by: Audun Sorlie