Fox Zandar
Sarcastic Sword Wielding Electric Dragon
Species: Elemental Dragon (with human up bringing)
Birthplace: ----
Age: 56 (human years)
Gender: Male
Height: 13 ft (24 foot wingspan)
Job Title: Mercenary, FotHB Guild Commander
Tools of the Trade: Sword, pouch, lightning bolts
Abilities: Full control over electricity, including the ability to conjure it, absorb it, and manifest into electrical particles for fast combat or travel. Fire breath, healing breath, metalworking, low level magic spells.
Personality: Despite appearances to the contrary, Fox is Playful. A joker in many ways and somewhat of a prankster. Fox likes to have fun, and will still do so during combat. But when things get very serious, that turns off. Fox has long been prone to fits of rage, which is very much tied into his bloodline, and something he constantly has inner battles with. But on the whole, Fox is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and family. He is dedicated to the end, and anyone that crosses him, usually comes to regret it later.

Creation Year: 1997
Fox was my first character ever created, and as such, part of the problems with being the first, was that he never got a proper well thought out history, and most of it was made up on the fly. As I learned more about how to RP and what I could and couldn't do, I changed him around to try steering things back how I'd prefer. Couple that with his use as a Roleplaying character on AOL, exposed to many different wild scenarios. This eventually led to fully breaking off some storylines into "alternate universes" because of too much confusion and conflicting stories. He really exists in two worlds: The Rhydin world, and the DRF world (created by Ali Floyd)
As my longest running character, Fox has been put into everything from Comic to animations. Click the continued Gallery for more.

Brief Bio:
Fox's Bio is too convoluted to make brief, but here is the gist of it. Truthfully born a black dragon, self disguised as blue because he hates that side of him, which is actually dark, evil, and ruthless. This side comes out when severely enraged or driven over the edge. Also when drunk.

Also, grew up as a human until 17 years old. Unbeknownst to him of being a dragon the entire time, this was due to an attempt by his black dragon parents to protect him in the world of the humans, until he was old enough to handle it.

In the world of Rhydin, He runs the guild of FotHB. Here he has contended with many world-ending scenarios, and traveling all over the world and beyond. Within the guild itself, he's mostly laid back, a prankster, and loves to abuse magic spells. This is where the non serious side of Fox is at full force.

In the world of DRF, things are more structured, and he has a complete story arc. First running into the military faction DRF when they turned one of his robot  friends against him, he later found out that robot was always part of his military group dead set on wiping out the planet and "starting over". Of course,  Fox couldn't allow that to happen, which sent him off down a wild journey filled with hundreds of characters and scenarios. Mostly notably, meeting the Miko Jin trio  who then became teammates for life.

Fox is a character of self confidence. He feels like he knows his place in this world, and fills the jobs to the best of his ability. At the same time, he doesn't generally take things seriously unless they are extremely serious. He'll joke around and toss remarks at you.. which having a blast the whole time, but if things get dire, expect the joking to end. He is also a character of duality. Endlessly fighting against the "evil" side of himself which would rather burn everything to the ground and relish in it. This even manifests itself as a whole extra being in the DRF storyline.

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Extended Bio:
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