Kain Telsin
Legacy of the Royal Guard
Creation Year: 2000
Kain was the second character I ever made. And, after learning much from Fox, I created him completely different. By the time he came around, I WANTED different. I wanted something to help challenge my skills as a player. Kain, being extremely serious, well spoken, without any super powers, and totally the opposite of Fox in many ways.. gave me that challenge.  He never got as much visual love as Fox, but I still really like what this character brings to the table.
Brief Bio:
Kain hails from Kalika, a city in the mountains far away from most civilization. Because of this, you could compare their social structure more to midieval times, but without kings and queens. Instead, they have a council of Elders that guide the masses in big important decisions. But they are far from perfect.

One decision the Elders made which would cost them dearly, was  not to bother with a miltary defense unit. It was thought thatKalika was so secluded and peaceful that no one would every strike them there, and for hundreds of years this was true. Still, Kain's father ran what small division of defense he was permitted, and raised Kain to train hard and one day take over in his lead as the Royal Guard General. "Demons", his father said, were everywhere. He was one of the few Kalikans to venture outside the city limits on a regular basis, and he took Kain with him on a number of occasions. While everyone else would stay home, content in their blissful state.

But this would be their downfall. During another one of Fox's posessions by a monster using the dragon's actual body as a source point for power multiplication, the two ended up right in Kalika. Without having any proper train ing on how to deal with treats of this mangnatude, the whole city was decimated. Kain managed to survive, escaping with Kantai of the Miko Jin, but blamed himself for the failure and downfall of his home.

In time, he finally ended up meeting Fox. The real Fox, not the monster that had destroyed his city. But after a rocky start, the two became friends, and Kain stayed on with the team in their fight against the newest threat: Grand Moon.

Kain's contribution to the team is his undying loyalty, but sometimes he simply isn't up to the task. Without super powers or special abilities, all he has is himself to rely on. And sometimes, against the monsters of DRF and the Grand Moon.. that just isn't enough.
Full Name: Kain Telsin
Species: Mountain Lion
Birthplace: Kalika City
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 4inches
Job Title: Former commander of the Kalika Royal Guard
Tools of the Trade: Twin ice daggers as primary weapons of choice. Skilled with spears, staffs, and swords. Unfamiliar with modern weapons such as guns.
Abilities: Speed, agility, razor sharp accuracy. Expertise with bladed weapons and proefficent with archery. Also skilled in a few forms of matrial arts.
Personality: Extremely serious, calculating, but not cold. Kain is a well spoken individual who would easily pass for a royal family if he chose to join it. The term "Royal Guard" does not imply actual royality, just the military defensive class that Kalika used to have.
Socially, he's awkward. He doesn't really joke around or fit well with groups outside of fighting, and he doesn't care to.