Mary Jane Frieden
Happy Go Lucky British Kangaroo
Creation Year: 2006
MJ Started out as an NPC character with personality. I was widfely inspired by the masterpiece that is Okami, a game that gave full personality and purpose to every single one of it's NPCs.. of which, there are over 40. So I decided, alright, all MY NPcs are going to be that level. And so we have MJ, a character that was only meant to be a traveler at a hotel Fox, Kenfu, and Tennai were staying at.
Fast forward to years later, I decided to bring her around to the guild for kicks, and everyone instantly fell in love with her. Pretty soon, she wasn't an NPC anymore.. Mostly by everyone demanding I keep her around.
She's a fun character for me because as usual.. it's something different. Playing someone with an accent is endlessly amusing, and it's nice to have a character in my list that ISN'T some uber badass or with a nasty history. And yes, she's a kangaroo. Why? to be different, and thats it!
Brief Bio:
MJ grew up in the southrn climate of a happy little town called Suncrest Valley. Her father was a carpenter, and her mother a housewife. In Suncrest, this was very common. Careers were based on helping the village propser. And so her father worked on building bridges and furnishings for people, while the mother made sure their children were raised properly.
It must have worked out well, because MJ herself seems to have a very solid up bringing. She did above average in school, not acing classes, but not failing either. She also played in many sports, but just for the fun of it. A "tomboy" by some definitions, MJ never really got into the girly things. She prefered to go exploring the forests and hopping circles around the kids that weren't expecting her athleticism. As she got older, and learned more about the outside world, MJ longed to travel. And so at the early age of 16, she made her first journey far south all by herself with her parents permission. After spending roughly 4 months and all of her summer visiting the strange new cultures and locations there were to offer.. she was hooked. Travel became her way of life, and after finishing school, she dedicated herself to this. Surviving place to place by taking any help wanted jobs people had to offer. Her most common practice turned into bartending, and most patrons were always sad to see her head off to the next new area.
Eventually she ran into Fox, Kenfu and Tennai during one of their serious predicaments. Fox invited MJ to come visit the FotHB lands some day, and so after years more of traveling, she finally did. While it was expected this would just be another simple in and out visit, she ended up smothered with love by almost everyone here. She even ended up falling completely in love with one of the members. A panther named Onyx. And so her traveling days took a halt.. but she still disappears from time to time.
Full Name: Mary Jane Frieden (Prefers to go by "MJ")
Species: Red Kangaroo
Birthplace: Suncrest Valley
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 6ft 1inches
Job Title: Bartender, Traveler
Relationship Satus: Married to Onyx
Tools of the Trade: Baret, Backpack, Jacket, Shots of vodka
Abilities: confusing just about everyone with her strong accent, high jumping, powerful feet kicking, iron stomach. Able to drink many people under the table.
Personality: MJ is the kind of character that befriends people immediately. Extremely friendly, pretty outgoing, loves to have fun, and not easily offended. She laughs most things off, including people's strange looks and insults about her accent, which has been known to confuse. It's really difficult to upset this roo, but if you do, it's a crime akin to punching a baby.
Someone jokingly told me there was "no way" MJ could look hot, since she's way too innocent. Well, this was my attempt to prove them wrong! It was an amusing experiment.