An Interview with Red
Red, a vigilante terrorist of sorts. Or an environmentalism freedom fighter? Red has been called many things, but no one has really lived long enough around her, to understand what she's really about.

Fortunately, by pulling some strings and a few contacts.. we've managed to get an interview with the bird.
Plus, she figured that maybe this will get one or two people off her back.

Oh, and she's bored, also.

-Interview date 2003-
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Interviewer: Thanks for joining us Red, lets start off with the question everyone wants to know. What's your deal? Why do you do the things you do? and who exactly is the enemy you're fighting?

Red: Oh, seriousness right away huh? Alright well, yeah okay lets see.. My "enemy" would be.. all the people who get rich by stepping on others.. or by destroying the environment.. or people who think they're better than everyone else..

Interviewer: Thats an awful lot of people, don't you think?

Red: Yeah well, it ain't my fault the world is full of assholes. I Just do my part to wipe em off the face of the planet.. ::grins::

Interviewer: So your enemy is "assholes" as you put it..

Red: I suppose so ::shrugs::

Interviewer: Is killing them really that necessary?

Red: YES! And, well, it's also tons of fun too...

Interviewer: Fun?

Red: Hell yeah! Oh.. do you KNOW how fun it is to detonate a multimillion dollar skyscraper.. with the CEO JUST walking out the door? The look on their face is PRICELESS.. Until the building collapses on them..

Interviewer: I.. Really wouldn't know..

Red: Oh it's great.. let me tell you.. There are also other fun things I like to do.. Like step up behind them and throw a nitro vial past their face.. then shoot it RIGHT as it passes them.. Sometimes the head even blows off..

Interviewer: ..........

Red: Oh! oh! and ANOTHER really cool thing to do is to just walk right into the building and start spraying everyone with two M16's.. You can break out the MM1 if things get hairy.. ::sighs happily:: good times..

Interviewer: .........................

Red: Oh.. uh.. Did you have more questions?

Interviewer: Yeah.... but I'm almost thinking we should end this interview instead.......

Red: ::tilting her head:: really? whys that? you gotta jet?

Interviewer: ..umm.. nevermind.. lets move on..

Red: ooooooookay..

Interviewer: Well uh.. Why the aggression again these people? I mean, the world will always be full of assholes.. Most don't take the kind of.. approach, you take.. to dealing with it.

Red: Lets just say.. I have my reasons..

Interviewer: Like what?

Red: REASONS.. Personal reasons.. Reasons I don't feel like talking about about.. got it? ::raises a M16 to their face::

Interviewer: *blink* how did you get that in here..?

Red: I killed the guard when he tried to take it.. Are you telling me that you set this up, but didn't know I NEVER go anywhere without packing heat?

Interviewer: Well I -

Red: Sheesh! the media is so pathetic.. why don't you do your homework, slacker?

Interview: Oh.. you mean like..if I was to ask you if it was true that you're actually the princess of Skye? And have royal upbringing under the Delarin family?

Red: ::ruffles her feathers::Shut up..

Interviewer: And that "Red" actually means.. Rosyln Emily Delarin..

Red: I SAID SHUT UP! ::flicks out a desert eagle and fires it past their ear:: you're not very bright to piss off someone who has an assault rifle to your nose.. Just be happy i don't feel like wasting any more bullets today..

Interviewer: ARGH! ::falls on the ground, clutching their ear::

Red: ::turns and blasts apart the tape recorder, too::

Interviewer: Thats worthless. we're live!

Red: Nuh uh.. I shot that guy too.  And blew up the AV room.

Interviewer: ........ who else did you shoot!?

Red: hmm.. ::thinks about it:: the guy at the door.. 3 security guards..  the audio staff.. some guy in the hall who looked at me funny.. Oh yeah.. and 5 cops.. on my way over here..

Interviewer: ................................

Red: ::blinks:: what?

Interviewer: This was the worst mistake of my career..

Red: Oh don't be so melodramatic..


Red: No shit?

Interviewer: ......oh yeah...

Red: ::laughs:: you're not very bright, are ya?

Interview: you made me go deaf in one ear.. can we please leave the abuse at that?

Red: pfff.. wuss..

Interviewer: Alright alright.. lets continue with this...

Red: ::blinks, not seeing the point, but shrugs:: okay.

Interviewer: Alright.. so... uh.. ::still recovering from the gunshot past the ear:: When was it that you decided to become a terrorist?

Red: "Terrorist" is such a strong word.. but whatever..
I decided to do that after I saw what my parents.. and specifically my father.. had done.. and was doing. After I saw what kind of evil lies deep in some people.. I focused on looking for it. I would look at all the "successful" people out there, and as it turns out, most of them got where they were, by stepping on, and destroying, others. ::laughs:: wow, that sounded all righteous and shit.. ha..

Interviewer: I see..

Red: So yeah, then I got into weaponry and stuff, and found my new love.

Interview: Your new love?

Red: yes! weaponry!

Interviewer: oh oh.. I get it..

Red: Damn you're slow..

Interviewer: .........anyway... lets move away from the seriousness a little bit..
What do you do for fun? Even if I already know the answer..

Red: Well I'm all about having fun, you know. Be it shooting up bastards, or leveling some cities.. It's all fun! If you mean NOT destructive wise.. well uh.. I like to fly? Yeah, that will work. If I somehow ran out of all weapons, which has never happened.. mind you.. but if I did.. I'd fly for fun.

Interviewer: Thats understandable.. you are a bird, afterall.

Red: Heeeyyy.. maybe you're not that dumb afterall!

Interviewer: ......

Red: sheesh.. I'm just kidding.. Don't have a spaz or start crying..

Interviewer: forgive me if I find it hard to joke around with you..

Red: yeah, you're way too uptight..

Interviewer: ANYWAY.. ::flips through cards:: moving on.. I've been told your world "Xen" has no magic on it. Is this true?

Red: Yep.. I never even HEARD about magic until I ended up dumped in this crazy world with these other people. it was pretty crazy. Everyone's all "oh just cast this spell" or floating or some shit.. I'd never seen anything like it! I'm used to it now, but no.. Xen has no magic. But it has lots of technology.

Interviewer: What do you mean, "dumped in this crazy world"?

Red: Oh man.. thats a whole 'nother interview all together..

Interview: hmm.. Could you summarize?

Red: Well.. Alright.
See.. I guess some big dragon god guys, summoned the "best fighters in the universe" or something, to this planet, to fight. And so I got chosen for that! ::puffs her chest out and laughs:: but these guys didn't give a warning.. or a note.. "oh hey, come to this planet" No.. they actually just ripped us from our worlds.. Which isn't that bad, cuz I HATE Xen. And then forced us into these slave camps.. which I hated even MORE than Xen.. So that sucked.. And then forced yet AGAIN, into this big battle arena, to just kill shit. And that was the premise.

Interviewer: Wow.. so what happened?

Red: Well, I got thrown into this arena fight, and then got some help from this woman named Zan.. Who was the first non-animal I'd ever seen.. besides the slaves and whatnot.. but she helped us escape the arena and we hooked up later. ::thinks about that:: er..

Interviewer: By "hooked up" do you mean..-

Red: NO! we're NOT lesbians! I'm not lesbian either! *I* hooked up with Vin..

Interviewer: Who's that?

Red: This tiger who I met in Zan's world.. He was called to that place too.

Interviewer: Tiger? really? I had heard you hated cats..

Red: Yeah.. well.. 99% of the cats I came across.. Double-crossed me, or just wanted to eat me, or some other crap. Vin was that 1% who was actually kind and sweet and.. different..

Interviewer: Thats sweet..

Red: ::glares::
is that sarcasm?

Interviewer: ..! N-no!

Red: ::eases up:: oh okay.

Interviewer: So.. you escaped the arena.. then what....?

Red: Well, then we went to rescue Zan, cuz she got kidnapped. Fought some things called "demons" and then a really big one. It was fun!

Interviewer: When you say "we", who else as there?

Red: ohh.. well there was Me, Zan, Tarron, Vin, Gabe, and Amar.

Interviewer: Who are all those people?

Red: Well Zan is a warrior chick who's really cold-hearted kinda.. But she's cool. She tries to do magic.. But isn't that good at it.. She actually acts as our leader most of the time.. If she was here.. I probably wouldn't have killed all those people today.. she somewhat keeps me in line.. Only because I hasve lots of respect for her.. but eh.. ::shrugs::
Tarron is a human "Paladin" And thats like.. a holy knight. You know, healing magic and swordfighting. Zan and him kind of hooked up.. kinda..
Vin is, well, my love.. and He's a black tiger. It's pretty strange.. I've never seen a BLACK tiger before him.. and he actually first appeared white.. but it was secret fur dye.. And oh yeah, Vin is a pirate. He's also got some crazy blue magic effects with this weird eye he was forced to have..
And Gabe.. haha.. Gabe was another human. He was a weapons nut like myself, though, and would usually harass me constantly. it was funny.. Looking back on it. We always got into arguments.. One time.. I balanced a vial of nitro on his nose while he was sleeping.. And cackled about it.. Everyone gave me weird looks.. But it was hilarious!
And Amar is a dick.. well, was a dick. That guy was the typical "Dur, I do what I'm told and can't think for myself". Like so many in armed forces and such. But worse, this guy was more apt to follow the "orders" of random woodland creatures.. And these things weren't smart like on Xen.. Like.. there was this pack of wolves.. right.. and he's all: "the wolves will lead us inside, we must follow them." And at the time I was like, sure why not? But then they lead us to a nest of DRAGON eggs.. Which was ALSO new to me.. But I don't hang around eggs that are practically as big as me.. Anyway, Amar INSISTED that we stay there cuz the wolves told him to protect the eggs. MEANWHILE we're supposed to be rescuing Zan.. and not to MENTION the hell that would have ensued, if the mother found us.. But no.. "we have to stay here!" he says.. So we all said the hell with him and went ahead.. Ended up beating the demon people and saving Zan.. completely without him! THEN, he sits in his room for basically 2 years, or however long it was.. before Zan tried to send us all home.. Eventually.. When we ended up on Xen, Vin killed him, I heard. I wasn't there.. Wish I could have seen it though..

Interviewer: ::blinks:: wow.. you really don't like that guy huh?

Red: He was an idiot! and bitchy and arrogant.. Always mumbling and grumbling and "bloody hell!" this and "bloody hell!" that.. But oh well, he's dead now.

Interview: Hmm.. I see..

Red: I've met alot of people in my time.. but damn..

Interviewer: Well.. What happened after that? you said he died on Xen.. How? didn't you all go to your respective homes?

Red: Well that was the PLAN, but it failed. Zan isn't good with magic.. Like I said.. So the spell messed up.. Instead.. All of us went to each person's world.. First Tarron's.. then mine.. then Vin's,. and after that.. it gets kind of foggy.. I'm not sure..

Interview: Well thats really interesting..

Red: ::balances a vial of nitro on the tip of a feather:: uh huh.. I should write a book about it.. Probably sell millions..

Interviewer: ::blinks at the vial:: Um.. what are you doing?

Red: Hmm?

Interviewer: ::points at it:: That.. why are you..

Red: ohhhh.. I'm just bored.. Don't really talk about myself that much, ya know?

Interview: Oh okay.. would you mind.. uhh.. not doing that though?

Red: sure.. :flicks it into the air..

Interviewer: ::blinks and ducks for cover:: GAH!

Red: ..catching it between two feathers and putting it away:: God you're highstrung..

Interviewer: ::wiping sweat off their forehead as they stand back up:: Okay uh.. I think thats enough..

Red: All done?

Interviewer: Well.. I am.. but.. If it was okay.. I wanted to open the interview up to the public.. and.. Let them ask questions.. If.. thats ...okay... ::flinching and backing up as they expect to be shot::

Red: ::tilts her head:: hmm.. okay! that sounds kind fun.. I feel like a celebrity or something.. ::laughs::

Interviewer: sighing of relief:: whew........... alright.. lets open the floor then!

Red: uh.. wait.. I blew up the AV room.. remember?

Interviewer: oh.. shit..

Red: yeah

Interviewer: wait.. that means this whole interview is pointless...

Red: Yup!

Interview: Well.. shit!

Red: Onto the public questions!

Interview: WHAT!? There's no AV room!! no one is hearing this! how the hell does that work!?

Red: Magic!

Interviewer: .........

Red: what? I was under the impression that anything someone does that makes no sense.. Could just be explained by "magic"..

Interviewer: Oh whatever....


Hikari: Has anyone ever tranquilized you before? I think you need it..

Red: Yes.. and it sucked! Most cases, I usually blast apart whoever just did that to me.. right before I pass out.. but there was times.. like on Tarron's world.. when I couldn't.. And then woke up with my wings bound.. I HATE being controlled.. And tranquilizing is a big part of that.. So my suggestion to ya, pal, is to not try.. or SUGGEST doing that to me.. You like your head attached to the rest of you, right? ::grins::


Ark: So what are you doing now? Do you have any new ambitions? Any new goals and such?

Red: ::sighs a bit:: well.. since I somehow ended back up on Xen.. separated from everyone.. including Zan.. I'm just back to my old habits.. Taking out corporations.. that sort of thing.. ::pauses:: I'm also searching for technology that will let me travel to other worlds.. so I can keep searching for Vin.. and the rest of the group.. There was a rumor of such tech existing awhile ago.. but I haven't found it yet..
::puts a wing to her head and pauses again::
As for new goals.. not really.. just the same old thing..  Which gets tiresome.. sometimes..There's times that I think it's all a waste.. and I should just settle down.. become a normal citizen again.. or just.. give up looking for them.. But I.. I don't know..
It was so much easier to be positve when I was at least with Zan.. Now I'm alone again.. and on XEN of all places..
But  I don't want to give up.. I'm not a quitter.. So i'll keep fighting and keep long for a way to find them again.. for as long as I can stand before I completely fall apart..


Zidane Sabel:  ::is all sweaty and trembly...but not cause he is afraid...cause he has a mini crush on the Crazy Bird:: H-Heya Red...I follow all of your Work! I am a Ninja,So i dun know how to Use Firearms...but still! Destruction is way cool.and you're so dreamy

Red: ::blinks a few times:: Someone follows my work..? I have fans..? Whoa thats pretty cool.. ::double blinks:: I'm.. so.. dreamy...? I.. er.. I'm not sure how to respond to that.. is this even a question..?

Zidane: Will you marry me?

Red: ::more blinkage:: Well THATS a question but.. uh.. No.. sorry man.. I'm chained to Vin.. kinda.. ::wishes she could at least FIND him::

Zidane: HAVE MY KIDS!!!? Please!!?

Red: O.O  ::pauses for a moment:: erm... what the hell ARE you anyway..? like.. what race.. are you even..- ::shakes her head:: nono.. nevermind.. look man.. I appreciate the overwhelming adoring of me and all but uh.. No.. sorry..
::does however, keep a record of this since it was the first time it's EVER happened. Hell, not even VIN asked her for THAT::
Stalkers are scary...


Anaphiel: ::slams zidane with her fist and huffs:: You are sooo dead mister...Red....shoot his leg...please.....

Red: ::tilts her head as she hears violence over the radio:: hmmm... Well you know.. He's a fan and all.. and I didn't even know I HAD fans.. So I can't shoot the poor guy.. But even still.. since he isn't actually HERE.. I can't shoot him anyway.. Sorry!


"Gun Grave" Walker:  ::the Gun Maniac Walker stands coffin and all:: Yo! Red what's up you Kick ass Bird!? Hey! I don't like the Tone That interviewer is talkin to you in. He's talkin to my Girl all Wrong.....::tosses her a rail gun and a few other toys:: Here we go its on me.

Red: Oooooo! ::catches the rail gun and other "toys" wow cool! I feel so loved! ::puffs her chest out and smiles:: As for whats up.. Not much! Just ya know.. doing this interview thing and raining my fire all over Xen again. But this is sweet.. ::clutching the rail gun:: And that interviewer....

Interviewer: O.O OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! WHY!? ::makes a break for the door

Red: ::blinks and laughs and decided to play with them, shooting a few shots past and at their feet:: Dance! DANCE! ::but of course, it's a RAIL GUN, so it kind of takes out the wall, and the floor::

Interviewer: !!!!!!! ::goes falling down and lands in a pile of plaster:: aaaagghhhhh!!!!

Red: ::sitting on the edge of what used to be the floor, now, scoots back into the corner where it's more sturdy:: ehh.. oops..

Walker: Hey! I wanna have fun with the Media too! ::joins in on the Blasting ,shootin off his Custom Fire Arms "Cerberos and Libra":: Dude Red you so Rock! I thought i was gonna have to take out Security to get in....looks like ya beat me to it....ROCK ON!!

Red: ::blinks, not used to the postive encouragement. it's usually more like "what the hell are you doing you crazy bird!?" or "No Red.." Or.. "You're gonna kill us all!!!" So needless to say, this kind of enouragement catches her offguard, but she certainly likes it. Slowly grinning, she laughs about the security comment and makes some devil horns with one hand:: Woo! ROCK ON! heheh.. ya like that? You should join me on a raid sometime Walker! I'll show ya some REAL destruction..


Melia: ::looks thoughtful for a moment then abit sad for the crazed bird:: Excuse, me. Miss Red, what if ya can't find Vin? What will ya do then?

Red: ::blinks at the question, almost instantly calming down and falling into depression a bit. But right after that moment, she tries to recompose herself and shakes her head:: I'll just keep doing what I always do.. ! It will be like before I met him! I'll just keep doing my job as the TERRORIST everyone fears and killing the bastards who think they're better than everyone else..  And those who ruin Xen..  And NO ONE will be safe.. ::huffs and pauses for a moment, gritting her teeth with a finger on the trigger, shaking a little bit:: .... yeah.. and maybe I'll look into pirating and finding other things to keep myself busy.. but... I.. ::pauses and shakes her head again:: I'm NOT going to give up looking for him and I might die before finding him.. but i will die after looking for as LONG as I can take.. you GOT that?


Kal'Drak: ::clears his throat:: What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Red: ....? What? A WHAT? I have no idea what you're talking about pal.. Is that a place? or a person or like.. a weapon or something? I'm gonna need more information on the subject before i can even BEGIN to understand.. but it's probably not worth it, or that big of a deal anyway so.. ::shoos them along::


Chane:  Hey Red if your looking for techonology to get around why not try over here?

Red: .oh okay..except.. you know.. might be a good idea to know where "here" was! ::shakes her head:: some people...


Noah:  Holy shit, you are one crazy-ass bird..

Red: .Thats not a question! But, thanks! I usually take that stuff as compliments. Depening on who it's coming from. And since I have no clue who you are.. I'm gonna go with the benefit of the doubt..


Devlin:  Boo.

Red: You left off the m. It's BOOM! or KA-BOOM! depending on yer preference..


Cianan: Question for Red:  Ya rotten lil' cage pooper, what do you say to the claims that you're just a female, bird version o' me? Eh? Eh!? oh.. N' Nate will die at the hands o' Brandon..

Red: .::blinks a few times:: Female.. bird version of...? Can I get a background check on this guy? ::papers appear and she reads over them:: Oh.. OH! Pffsshhh! Rip off my ASS! ::scoffs at the idea:: We have COMPLETELY different backgrounds and motivations pal! Besides, even IF you took that away.. you're more of an asshole.. and I'm more of what's known as "Quirky and psychotic". See.. because I'm not ENTIRELY out for myself.. Like you are.. I help people and stuff.. I KILL a whole lot of people.. thats true alright.. Buuuuuutt.. I help too! Plus.. ::smirks:: I pack WAY more firepower than you ever will.. So.. Why dontcha just step on back..

Cianan:  You just need the fire power, because you can't shoot for shit, right?

Red: ::huffs:: NOT exactly.. I'm no sniper.. but I can shoot.. Pick my vails out of the air all the time..  I PREFER firepower because It's way more fun and you can take out whole WAVES of bodies! More ammo.. More lead per second.. More deaths.. Get it? Sheesh.. Simple math man..


Onyx: Question for Red  ::Wearing a reporter's hat and holding a notepad.:: You said 99% of all cats you've met had tried to eat you or tricked you? Any stories of an encounter with one of those? Oh, black tigers ARE rare...but it was one that took my eye, actually!

Red: ::looking at the date of this request:: April of last year? My god, I need better relays on these messages..  ::Sighs and shakes her head::
Anyway, you want a story about cats tricking me? Oh boy.. There are so many.. Lets go with one of my favorites..  This one time I was trying to clean up the problems with Jasper Lake. It's much more inland than Klaw city, but at any rate.. I knew there was supposed to be this company over there that had been paying off the Furlin Government to avoid having sanctioned caps  on their pollutants.. which were primarily in..! Thats right! Jasper Lake! I gotta tell you, I'm no tree hugging hippy.. But that shit really pisses me off. It was especially easy for them because the lake was naturally green! So when they polluted the HELL out of it, no one really noticed! Except when the deaths and mutations started rolling in..
But anyway.. I'm getting way sidetracked.. Backstabbing cats!
So I roll into this city to look for some dirt on these fuckers. Now keep in mind, Furlin the continent, is almost entirely populated by cats of some kind. And this was way early in my.. Lets call it, career? So I hadn't yet known everyone wanted to kill me. Anyway... I find this group of cats calling themselves "Jasper's Jackalopes" Which was stupid since they were cats.. but whatever.. They used the stuff as masks, and they all thought Jackalopes were cool or what have you..
ANYWAY! These cats were environmentalists too! They had been actually fighting this cause for a few years. They were even famous up in Jasper Lake! Tracking them wasn't easy, either. They were very secretive, and only a few handful in the city even had connections they would speak of. I won't bore you with the details of how I DID find them, but of course.. I did. One of them anyway. And of course, being young and naive, I was like..
"Hey! you guys have the same enemy! Lets fight together and take him down! Yeah!"
And he, KNOWING I was young and Naive.. Was all..
"Oh, sure! great plan bird! Lets all meet up at this secret location and discuss more! But no weapons! It's a show of disrespect!".
At the time, I KNEW that was trouble, but I was.. again, young and stupid. And I wanted to trust these guys. And also at the time.. I NEEDED the help.. So I agreed.
He told me the location and I was to meet up with them the next night. An old warehouse way out on the total outskirts of town... Where no one can hear you scream! Or if they can, they don't really give a damn. So I drive out there, but I wasn't so much of a sucker not to bring ONE thing. I always keep a tiny dagger hidden in my wing feathers.  So I had that, and I get to this place where they seemed alright at first. I actually got to meet all of them. Shook hands, and we discussed a plan.. Sounds all pretty good, right? We actually did this for over an hour.. And then we headed back farther into this lower docking station.. much more confined, and darker.. Still talking.. And then all of the sudden one of them dives on top of me and starts gnawing into my shoulder. Thank you, hidden dagger, that went into his eye. The others.. about uhh.. I think eight of them, finally started to advance too.. But they were yelling at that other guy, saying how he was supposed to have waited for the signal? And he shoots back this.. ugh..
"But I'm huuuuungry..! I'm tired of waiting!" growly whine..  And- I'll never forget this... 
"Her tail was taunting me like a big red steak.."
So now I'm surrounded by 8 or 9 hungry cats who nicely revealed that they just got me here to feast, of course.. And WHY all the talking to me all that time?  They were waiting for one of their buddies to get there! With some gallon of barbeque sauce! Can you BELIEVE that shit?!  When I protested that we SHOULD be on the same team, they laughed and said they would NEVER work with a bird anyway. Too distracting, you see? Fucking scumbags..
::Takes a looooong sigh::
So after it was clear they were only interested in EATING me, I had to run away. Er.. fly away.  Like I said, I was kind of just starting out then.. And I didn't have my weapons on me.. And.. after all the talking, I actually trusted these guys, so I was completely unprepared for ANY of that.. Sooo I had to run. Bah. And I didn't even get to take out the chemical plant like I came there for in the first place!
But thats alright, I came back a few years later, since they still hadn't shut them down yet... And I had, you know, unfinished business with the Jackassalope Crew. Soooo I killed em all and blew up the chemical plant. Chemical plants are so fun to take out.. you have no idea what kind of crazy colors you'll get! WAY better than Fireworks!
Whew... Well there you go! Hope that was a nice, cat backstabbing story for you. Uhh.. I see you're a cat, but don't worry, Vin's made me a little more.. lenient on cats.. Sucks about your eye! Hope you killed that bastard.