Fox vs Red:
A few stills and model shots from an ongoing short film being done with a few friends. Click the 3d Reel to see it in motion.

Fox and Red Models and rigging by Eric Ronay. Character is a work in progress.
Textures, Lightning, and animation by Nate Horsfall
See more by clicking the link.
Fox vs Red is still in development. And, if it ever gets finished, there will be much more to come.
Everything done by Nate Horsfall
Most of these are for school assignments, learning 3d studio max and whatnot. You can see the result of many efforts right here.
The green ship was something I did after school, consisting entirely of multi sub object mapping. And, since that is rather insane and downright stupid,
I stopped on this.
Everything done by Nate Horsfall
If you went to the Character page, you already saw this guy. But, he was my first 3d character ever, so he needs to be here as well.
We had to make a history and design a character in one week, then spend the rest of the 9 weeks creating him.
Modelers looking at this will probably laugh their head off. But hey, first try, alright guys?!
Misc. Personal Projects:
Stills, Characters, Backgrounds, objects

Cade Wolf Creation:
From Concept to Completion

If you are interested in hiring me for anything, or would like to reach me for other reasons, contact:
Unreal Tournament 2k4 Skins:
I was heavy into ut2k4, and created many skins for it.
Some personal, some requests.
All can be found here!
With instructions on how to install them as well.