UT2k4 Skins and Models for Download
This is where I put  my 2k4 skins and models I've made for UT2k3 and 2k4.  The game is pretty dead now, but If you like them, be sure to let me know you were here!
I always like it when others can enjoy something I've made too.
Note: These also work in 2k3 (and some were originally created there)

I've grouped these around here into 3 different sections:

Originals: My own personal creations
Requests: Skins made for other people as favors
Screenshots: The skins in action!

I did this because my collection has grown, so it was time to reorganize things before it got out of hand.
So enjoy, and if you take screens of any of my skins, send them in! If they're good, I'll post it!
Happy Downloading.
Skin Count: 14
Model Count: 2
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