Mega Gallery
Animated Red:
Not QUITE animated, actually. Not yet anyway. A few 3d models where she prepares for animation.. and a few sequenced sketches.
Red came years after Fox, with far less influence and significance, but still ended up with a huge visual force in my arsenal.
She's extremely fun to actually draw, and I've been bold enough to even try putting her into 3d. That however, is a long up hill battle.
3d Red Animation
Red is a large work in progress, but I made this test animation to see how well I could get her to come accross in 3d.
Model and rigging by Eric Ronay. Texture and Morphs by Nate Horsfall. Made for my ongoing short film project.
Comic Red:
A whole comic strip of 160+ comics. Red is barely in any, but I still did give her quite a few spotlights.
The word is a play on "Fellowship of the Holy Beacon" Which is the roleplaying guild in which the strips are based off of. Many comics were actual logs that would happen, and the rest are simply highly inspired by them. Red is not in this guild at all, but I still can't resist using her for certain situations.. Usually to vent.
Sketch Red
My Primary Method of drawing Red
Colored Red:
Red in color. Digital Mediums
3d Red Game Model
Red? in a shooter game? Shocking, I know.
I did two versions of this one. I skinned up the Nebri Model from 2k4, totally changing the look to BE Red.. and then I also tweaked that even farther and made my own model with it. Both are cheats, really. But it's surprising with a total repaint can do for a model.. The link will bring you to the page to download them. And others.
2d Red Sequences
Alright, alright.. It's not actually animation, but it's kind of close, right?
Red Weapon practice
Something I definitely often need work on is drawing her weapons properly. For now, just the desert eagles.