Princess of Firepower
Full Name: Rosyln Emily Delarin (Only answers to "Red")
Species: Bird
Birthplace: Delarin Castle
Age: --
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7in
Job Title: Terrorist, Freedom fighter
Tools of the Trade: M16 Assault rifles, Uzis, Desert Eagles, Nitro Vials, Grenades, C4 Plastic explosives, MM1 Grenade Launcher, and anything else she gets her hands on that goes boom.
Abilities: Firepower Weapons and exposive expert. Fairly good with most types of vehicles.
Personality: Quirky, insane, casual about violence, extremely passionate about what she does. Quick to anger, prone to ranting fits. A serious hattred of byzantine type social attitudes and corporations. Mostly a loner, but very loyal to what few friends she decides to put her trust into.

Creation Year: 2001
Red was my 3rd major character ever created. She stemmed entirely off the 5th picture at the top.
I created the 1st image, then thought "you know what would be funny? what if people thought she was being coy and naked under there, but instead she was armed to the teeth?": And so Red was born. She didn't actually take on a personality or shape until a friend of mine, Kenzi Wolf, proposed myself and others make a brand new character for a storyline we would all start from scratch. The idea of playing Red as a character amused me, so I gave her a whirl, and it's been a blast ever since.
Though she came well after Fox, she quickly rose to the ranks of a top favorite for myself and others.

Brief Bio:
Red started as any other girl growing up under a royal family. She was raised to be proper and carry herself with confidence. However, she never really enjoyed it. Something always felt missing.
It wasn't until her first random finding of a gun in a back alleyway, that Red found that something. Of course, this was kept hidden from her parents, as they would never allow it. Secretly, she trained herself how to use these weapons outside of the city, and became extremely obsessed with them. After some time, she got bold enough to try disguising herself as any old commoner to better get aquainted with that lifestyle she liked more and more. But this had reprecussions.

When delving into the dark underbelly of the country she thought she knew, she was exposed full force to it's corruption, and most of which came from her parents themselves. The royal family, she found, had actually been opressing and stealing from people all throughout the dynasties. Worse, they fabricated fake reasons to go to war with other countries, to get even richer. And since The Continent of Skye was one of the most powerful in the world, there was very little chance for resistance. They did all this without a care in the world because they felt they were above everyone else. When Red saw the true face of what she had grown up with, she completely lost it. Teaming up with another group of "Terrorists", they started a war against the Delarin Castle and family. Red Renounced her parents without question, and dedicated her life to destroying everything they, and other corporations built on the backs of "lower classes"  had made. But very little known this history, as questioning her about the rumors of her royal connections will usually get you killed. As far as everyone else knows.. she's just a seriously insane bird who is extremely dangerous.

As well intended as it all looks, however, Red is still an extremely loose cannon who far more often allows her love of destroying things, completely over ride the sense of right and wrong. There might be 200 innocent people in a corporate that she destroys, but Hey did you SEE that explosion!? That was Fucking AWESOME!
Extended Bio:
Coming Soon
Family, Friends, Teammates, Enemies:
Red refrains from actually killing anyone: