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Red's Mother Concepts
I intended years ago to do something special with Red's mother, but first I had to figure out what she looked like! and so, this is it.

One of Red's former team mates, but after Red's carelessness ends up almost killing her, Red quits and goes solo. 

Dex survives with cybernetic implants as shown here. And tries to make the best of her situation.Zan and Red:
One of Red's New teammates, but partners by necessity. When thrown into a new world (Zan';s world) out of nowhere, Red teams up with her and a group of others in the same situation. Trying to survive and get back home.

Zan is created by Kenzi wolfRed, Tarron, Zan

3 of the 6 "world jumpers" as they ended up being called. Thrown together by a selective summoning to compete in a tournament. They all break free and set off together to find their respective ways home. Becoming great friends over the time.

Picture created by Kenzi wolfVin:

One of Red's teammates who actually ends up becoming her lover. I know, it's pretty shocking.

Vin is a Pirate from a water planet called Kal'Darth.

Character Created by Jaime Nash
Red's Teammates and friends