Myself and Ali actually created the 2nd drawing, first.
Then Jon Peros made a song to it, which I was so inspired by, that I made this  But if you listen to the song, I visualized them in this order.

I had to make this because I felt like the into to his song was like dawn, and the day creeping in.This is the image Jon made the song to. 
He really wanted to capture the feeling of traveling through the forest. And considering I myself felt compelled to create images OF Fox traveling through said forest.. I think he aced that goal.
Jon created this song, and jokingly asked me to make a picture for it. Joke was on him, when I took up the challenge!

He gave me quite a bit of direction on this track, but ultimately I got what he was feeling just by listening to the notes. It's a sad song.. but not depressing.
Musician: Jon Peros
Artists: Nate Horsfall and Ali Floyd
Musician: Jon Peros
Artist: Nate Horsfall
Me and Ali created this drawing based on our DRF storyline. He handled the character while I did about 80% of the background. Then, Jon made a song to it!
This was his first collaboration with me.
Musician: Jon Peros
Artists: Nate Horsfall and Ali Floyd

our first OC session. In being unsure of what to do, we suggested themes.. so this was "take one of your characters and do a noir detective take on them"

Left- Eiji
By Ali Floyd

Right- Red
By Nate HorsfallKnight vs Dragon

Another theme drawing. This time just slaying a dragon. Ali drew the foreground and knight while I was away, and I finished it with a big bulky dragon

Foreground and Knight
By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallFree Pork- 1

"pranking a character"

Ali initially made this random guy for Fox to prank.. for unknown reasons

Scared guy
By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallFree Pork- 2

"pranking a character" again!

And here we have one of his actual characters being pranked. Fear the pig, Hikari.

By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallFox and Eiji Randomness

I'm often times a dick, and while he starts drawing something.. I will deface it, or ruin the original intent. Ali made Eiji here, clearly flying somewhere.. and because I like to ruin stuff, i put it all on the ground.. and then Fox there, staring at him like he was stupidREDRUM

Our first true attempt at a real drawing. This is a scene from the storyline we've been doing for years, DRF.

Neither of us were thrilled with the direction though, so we stopped working on this one.

Red guy and BG
By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallKain and Nazca

This would have been better, but the net connection died, so we lost the ability to keep working on it..
However, not to let it be a total loss, we each colored our character and them put it together with photoshop.

By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallRed Pinup

What you DON'T get to see, is while Ali did this, i kept doing 5 minute sketches of Red on the side, cursing at him and making all types of comments. Look, guys, she's a gun freak.. NOT a sex object! Get away, yiffers!

Red (pinup style)
By Ali Floyd

Red (disgusted style)
By Nate HorsfalDive

This would have been better, but the net connection died, so we lost the ability to keep working on it.. Bah.

By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallFox vs Vajillian- desktop

Gave this image a mood revising, and darkened it considerably. Turned out so well, though, I made it into my desktop for many months :)

By Ali Floyd

Fox, BG, and most coloring
By Nate HorsfallKain in Kalika

After we finally got comfortable doing combined drawings, we started to really knock them out! Yet another scene in DRF, though this is more of a "pre DRF" thing.
Ali drew my character though, instead of me doing it.. and thats always fun :)

Kain (by Nate Horsfall)

Sometimes... we just feel like being idiots :)

cleaner lines
By Ali Floyd

messy scratchy lines
By Nate HorsfallAt the Card Table

My girlfriend at the time, Katey, was sitting in with us and we had her make a suggestion.. "playing cards" she said. And so... there we have it! Why do Ali's character's gotta be such cheaters? Sheesh.

Red Pencil (Eiji, Garasu)
By Ali Floyd

Blue Pencil (Fox, Red, MJ)
By Nate A Fox in the Forest

After spending a few hours with design, we made a combined picture. Ali drew Fox and i handled the background!
Fun fact, he dressed him in the "dragon" colors.

By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallHooked by a Shark

something we started- and stopped, was doing a new DRF drawing after a session. Here we have.. combat!

Will (attacker) and some BG work
By Ali Floyd

Fox and some BG work
By Nate HorsfallLion tamer

complicated drawings don't always work out. But this was more DRF stuff.

Lion and BG
By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallStarlight Bomb

One night I sat down to try helping Ali push dynamic poses. This was the result :)

By Ali Floyd

Background, explosion, and pose help
By Nate HorsfallPizza Delivery

No tip, bitch.

Eiji, random lady
By Ali Floyd

Pizza guy, BG
By Nate HorsfallStormy Night

I actually did this all by myself, when i waited for him to come back from the phone. I covered the screen in black, and drew with the eraser.

By Nate HorsfallFalse Advertising

If you've seen transformers 2 (I'm sorry), you should get this.
He made a pyramid and so....

By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallIce Cavern

Probably one of the better ones we ever did. I started sketching an ice cave, because.. I never do those! And he made Garasu. I then proceeded to color it for hours.. lol. Even had him help me on it, a rare case.

Garasu and some coloring
By Ali Floyd

BG, coloring
By Nate HorsfallRyu Attack

I drew that explosion, and this was his response! Okay Ryu, you hate roads. we get it.. jeez..

By Ali Floyd

Everything else
By Nate HorsfallEiji hates.. Old ladies

Ali draws Eiji punching. Yeah! punch that.. umm.. hey I know.. OLD LADY!
And thats how masterpieces are made.

This is actually the second "Eiji hates..." picture. It will be a series.. just you wait..Oh You Humans..

I started drawing Red, and he started drawing.. a hooker. What the hell? Well, i wasn't gonna stop MY drawing! So i just had her laugh :)

Hooker and BG
By Ali Floyd

By Nate HorsfallDragon Watch

I love this one. That it all.

By Ali Floyd

Everything else
By Nate HorsfallThe Island

Fox and Kain, on the coast.. Why? I have no idea, really.

Fox, Kain
By Ali Floyd

Everything else
By Nate HorsfallGunslingers

Just felt like making a dynamic pose with Red and guns! Ali followed suit, and so the gunslingers get to be in the same picture.. not even killing eachother!

By Ali Floyd

Red and BG
By Nate HorsfallDamn Tourists

I made this with Ali Floyd, over break. BUT THEN.. Geoff Irwin gave me the most perfect caption for it. And so.. there you go, Geoff, this one is for you :)

Character- Ali
Everything else- MePeaceful Nights

Sometimes pictures come together with little effort, this is one of those. Only took about 2 hours! I'm very happy with the colors on it.

People (Eiji, Kantai, Garasu)
By Ali Floyd

Background and coloring
By Nate HorsfallCastle Crashers

Probably the most detailed drawing we've ever done. AND, unlike most, we BOTH worked on the background.. very heavily! 
It's another scene from DRF.

Monster and Background
By Ali Floyd

Fox and Background
By Nate HorsfallStorming the Base

Kind of random for Garasu to be on Red.. is she mad about that? or the base? questions to ponder...

Fun fact.. this ended up looking like the background for my FVR project.. which Ali drew here.. and yet, he told me that was totally unintended.. Crazy!

Garasu and BG
By Ali FloydUntold Origins

Oh the randomness.. Ali started drawing something, erased it,. commented it looked like a snake.. and then.. make a snake! so the rest came together. Just that easily.

Snake and BG
By Ali Floyd

Charmer and rats
By Nate HorsfallTerritorial

Ali makes a dragon head.. and initially I was gonna have it be Red.. but then i was like.. nope.. better idea. Good call on that one, too.

Left Dragon
By Ali Floyd

Fox and everything else
By Nate HorsfallBackwater

I started off with this foresty scene. It was really time consuming and probably took about 3 hours. Ali added the guy in, and then gave me a hand coloring since.. i was coloring FOREVER..

Guy and some coloring
By Ali Floyd

Just about all the background
By Nate HorsfallSmash DRF

what started out as more foreshortening fun (i'm on a kick with that to try to get better) turned into.. a totally random WTF battle!

Something this stupid can only related to one game...

Eiji and BG:
Ali Floyd

Nate HorsfallSoraji Paint World

Ali did such a good job drawing and coloring his character, i decided it should have a background.

But, I didn't want to spend hours on this thing, so i rediculously fast roughed in something in about oh. 5 minutes. 

Ali Floyd

Best Background Ever:
Nate HorsfallDragon B Gone

Initially, I just put Fox into a crazy pose for kicks. Then Ali drew.. ME! attacking my own character. Damn, I guess I secretly hate dragons, huh?
I then edited it a bit to give Fox a proper reaction..

Ali Floyd

Nate HorsfallMidnight

It's barely even worth calling this a "group effort" HOWEVER! Ali started this image off with that dead tree, and i simply just went crazy with the rest from there. He then tossed a wolf down, and that owl.. but thats it. Then he went to bed.

I handled everything else. over about 6 hours.Jylin's Lab

Our first ever collaboration. So old that it wasn't done on OC, but in fact, photoshop. Scanning drawings and sending them back and forth.

Mutant line art, Kantai Line art, Lab sketch: Ali Floyd

Kain, all detail work, shading- Nate Horsfall
Musicians: Metroid Metal (Stemage, Chunkstyle)
Artist: Nate Horsfall
Music Collaborations:
Musicians hire me to make pictures representing their songs, and sometimes visa versa. Not full CDs with art, but single tracks. Hopefully each brings eachother to life.
Click on each image for Information about the project. And be sure to listen to each song while you view the pictures! They load in a new window.
Artist Collaborations:
Primarily using a program called Open Canvas, which allows for a shared canvas through web space.
With this program, up to 4 people can work on a single image at a time.
What you will mostly find here, are works created with a friend of mine, Ali Floyd. But other people join in the mix too, sometimes.
Word of warning: Some of these are extremely random. You just had to be there...
So, me, Ali, and Jon Peros are all hanging in skype while we think of what to do next. He starts laying down a "compton" track. Ali makes a thug.. And then Jon adds.. jingle bell sounds into it..
This, being far too hilarious to pass up, got Santa added in.

And so, 1 hour. there it all is.
It is critical to listen to the song
while viewing this. They were
all made at the same time.
Collaborations with Ali Floyd
Collaborations with Other Artists
Done for the Free Month of Dwelling of Duels ( I worked with Artist Scaredsim to created this. It'srepresentative of the epic seige Magfest is on the Hilton hotel.

Line Art, Base colors, Final Shading, FX:
Nate Horsfall

1st Shading Pass: Scaredsim art for the Contra 4 Album.

I feel likethis one is self explanatory, but it's a collaboration because Snappleman (the middle guy) did the line art for the characters. I did, literally everything else.

Oh, and he took a picture of his guitars for me.Pokehate

I did this with.. my BROTHER.. not Ali..

Yup, so.. I started making Red, and Kurt made.. pikachu? Thats just how these things happen.
I'm with Red, though.

By Kurt Horsfall

Everything else
By Nate HorsfallSecret of the Forest:

This was created after some random drawings with became a forest. Vivi contributed there as well as the statue, and I also added adjusted LightingWish You Were here:

I did the beach and tree. Vivi mostly handled the water and far away islandNintendo Vs Sega:

Originally meant to be a mega meeting of the artists. I was to do the nintendo side, and Nell (Spoony) to to Sega. Do to various circumstances, she wasn't able, but completed about 8 characters, and I did the rest.Vampire Variations: Bridge

Originally started by Vivi, then given to my brother, and then fionally ending up as a back and forth between the both of us.Evil Lemur: Poster

Easily the best collaboration with my brother of all time.

He handled the background and i created the characters. It is obviously based on the cover of Doom, but we tried to put our own darker spin on it.Evil Lemur: Shirt Logo

Easily the best collaboration with my brother of all time.

We worked on this in passed. He did the initial layout, I modified and did a pass on the skull. He worked on the background circuits, I did a second lighting pass, and etc.

The Logo "EVIL Lemur" is entirely him,.
Musician: Jon Peros
Artists: Nate Horsfall and Ali Floyd
Click on each Picture for a detailed description of how we collaborated.
1. Collab with Simon Sternis
2. Collab with Snappleman
3. Collab with Kurt Horsfall (my brother)
4 and 5. Collab with Vivianne Ducharme
6. Collab with SpoonyBardess
7. Collab with Vivianne Ducharme and Kurt Horsfall
8. and 9 Collab With Kurt Horsfall
Musicians: Metroid Metal (Stemage)
Artist: Nate Horsfall
My most detailed picture ever made, period. I  wanted to encompass everything you deal with on Tallon, and since this is where the adventure begins.. that included phazon. 

Since this is a sister piece to Stemage's song, it was important to capture every feeling his track gave me. Light to dark.
Musicians: Metroid Metal (Stemage, Chunkstyle)
Artist: Nate Horsfall
After commiting to doing banner work for MM, I decided to go back and give the NES theme some love. This was actually very tricky to think up, because I wanted to keep it feeling 8-bit, but give it that MM kick.
Musicians: Metroid Metal (Stemage)
Artist: Nate Horsfall
Musicians: Metroid Metal (Stemage, Chunkstyle)
Artist: Nate Horsfall
Musicians: Metroid Metal (Stemage, Chunkstyle)
Artist: Nate Horsfall
This was made for the Queen Track. It's brutal and messy as hell, so I wanted the artwork to mimic that as much as possible. Hopefully you enjoy :)

Making of Video:
I made this for "The Brood" track. It was extremely different from the previous MM tracks which were more straightforward. Coming up with a visual representation of that song was a challenge in a half, but I did my best.

Making of Video:
If you are interested in hiring me for anything, or would like to reach me for other reasons, contact:
Digital Paintings, Portraits, Photoshop Work, and Special Collaborations
THE Stemage of  Metroid metal, contacted me to make a song for his newest track based on Metroid Fusion. 

He said: Just something small. Whatever you want. Spend an hour or so on it. No big deal.

I Said: HELL NO. And spent about 16 hours instead.

I'm mega thrilled to be a part of this project!
For Ridley, I had a clear idea what I wanted early on:. I wanted to make it as intense as possible. This required much more than just a new image.. it meant a new style. But I've actually played with this style before, so this was fun to use it in a serious image for once.