2k4 Skins and Models for Download
Section: Originals
In this section you will find everyhting I did on my own time, for myself.
When I say "originals" that doesn't mean everything on here is my own idea and I'm taking credit for it.
For example, I have a few Chocobo skins, but they're not what you'd expect.
Still, Chocobos are Square's creation, so I don't take credit for that. I take credit for what I did with it.

At any rate, what I mostly mean by "originals" is that I did these myself, without anyone asking me to.
So enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments, let me know.
My crazy bird gets to join the fragging club! She was an obvious choice for a character to use in this game. You can read about it on this page, or maybe you came from there? The model it's based off, is Nebri. And from there simply taken into Upaint. But you can barely tell. It was about 2 or so weeks of Photoshop work, but a fun project. The only thing I never did (and probably won't do) is shade it appropriately. That would take a day at least. 
I made this skin before I knew how to get my own custom models into the game. However, thats not a problem anymore.
Check below for the evolved model.
Here we go, this is as easy as 1-2-3.. and sometimes 4!

1. Unzip the file
2. Put .UTX files in the textures folder, inside of UT2004 on your C drive
3. Put .UPL files in the system folder, inside of UT2004 on your C drive
4. Put .UKX files in the animations folder, inside of UT2004 on your C drive (only the models require step 4)

And thats it! Done!

Known issues:
No team skins (I don't know how to set that up, sorry!)
Inside 2k4, the skins tend to blow out a bit

Thats all!
Happy downloading.

Because of how I had Red setup in Photoshop (IE: a million layers) It was and IS, extremely easy to modify the map, in any way I want. I saw some potential for a funny joke, so i changed a bunch of layers and pow! We have a chocobo. If you don't know what that is.. just play Final Fantasy.
This took no more than 20 minutes to do, from my base Red skin. Thats why Photoshop rules.

A fun thing to do when using this skin:
Play some chocobo music from any FF game.. it's just hilarious. Now if only others could hear it..

Oh yeah and if you think THIS is good, scroll down further to see the Chocobo Revolution Army.
They all trounce this one 10 fold.
This is the model I am almost always using in the game.

It's been a long time coming, but I finally figured out how to get my own models into the game. Thanks to the kick ass tutorials on Polycount.com
I didn't make this from scratch, because I knew that would take week's, and I'd lose my map I spent forever on with the above skin. So instead, I got the Nebri model into max, and edited the hell out of it. Pulled points around, and retextured pieces, and so on.
The result is a far more Red-looking model. And a cool bio picture to boot ^_^

The only thing I don't like aboit this model is her tail. Basically i was pressured into making a new tail (damn you Kurt!) and so I did. But I did it by pulling apart the Nebri tail. This worked okay as a model, but the texture stretches to all hell. I worked hard on ways to fix this, but really came up with nothing. Sadly, I'd probably have to start completely from scratch to get that working. But ah well.

Next up is custom animations! But depending on how much work that is, we'll see when that happens. I won't touch that until I'm done with project Fox Vs Red, though. So it will likely be a long while out. probably well past 2k7 even.. damn. >.<

Oh well, Enjoy it!

The next 6 skins under this are all Warrirors for the "Chocobo Revolution". Originally it started out as a joke, and still sorta is, but I took it to the next level. I have each character a unique look, and an actual personality.. that is, making them into an actual character, rather than the bland quick chocobo model I had before. Every single model is made from the same original base skin, and drastically modified. I would like to thank sYn for giving me the idea, and then i just ran with it.
Definitely some of my best skins, and I think some of them even rival Red's. Enjoy!

And if you want, you can just Get them all in one shot:
All Chocobo Revolution Warriors
Chocobo Revolution
Name:  Grim
Age:   ?
Sex: Male
Race:  Bird
Data:Grim joined- or rather, STARTED the Chocobo Revolution. While Choco was one of the first to turn on his masters, he was inspired by Grim. He was the first to rally the forces and speak out against Chocobo rights, started a bloody war that people now know as the 'Chocobo Revolution'. The leader of the pack, Grim is no one to take lightly. Not satisified enough with Chocobo freedom, he has compiled a horrific army to take the world by storm.
Name:  Belle
Age:   ?
Sex: Female
Race:  Bird
Data: For Whom the Bell Tolls'. The bell tolls for you, if you ever come accross this blue reaper. Coinicidentally, she is Grim's right hand woman as well as his love. People have speculated that his name 'Grim' was all it took to catch her interest. However, as she is completely obsessed with death, and dealing it.. who better to side with, than one of the deadliest forces on the planet? Watch yourself around the two of them.
Name:  Zeika
Age:   ?
Sex: Female
Race:  Bird
Data: Zeika is the youngest member of the army, and her role model should be rather clear. Red herself hasn't gotten involved in the war, but her exploits have influenced many, including Zeika. In the tournament she hopes to finally meet her idol, and she'll do anything to make it happen. Red is also aware of this, and was quoted as saying: 'What? I have stalkers now..? Huh.. Cool, I guess..'
Name:  Cyrix
Age:   ?
Sex: Male
Race:  Bird/Part Cyborg
Data: Abandoning the name 'Choco', that his former masters gave him, Cyrix was born from his first murder. Being one of the first Chocobos to ever revolt, he was quickly exiled to a barren prison planet. But through black market cybernetic experimentation, he was accidentally made far more dangerous than ever before. And wiped out the entire facility, quickly escaping and returning home. Later, he joined Grim in his path of destruction. It was an easy choice.
Name:  Shadow
Age:   ?
Sex: Male
Race:  Bird/Ghost
Data: "The most twisted member of Grim's army, Shadow is something that should not exist. Formerly your everyday Chocobo, he was possessed by a spirit gone mad. No one is really sure how he died, but his hatred for humans surpasses even Grim's. However, he is more of a wildcard. Extremely hard to control, he has no allegiance to anyone. He merely fights with Grim, and in the tournament, to exterminate everyone. And of course he enjoys every horrific minute of it."
Skin Count: 8
Model Count: 1
Name:  Blaze
Age:   ?
Sex: Female
Race:  Bird/ Phoenix?
Data: Blaze takes the phrase 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' to the highest degree. A modern day phoenix, Blaze was caught in a burning stable when the owners attempted to burn everything down, including those inside. She didn't die, but became one with the fire. Now she serves under Grim's army as the heavy hitter. Someone you call in when you want the power to incinerate everything in viewing distance. Called by her enemies as: 'Hell on Wings'

NOTE: this was originally started as a revision to Zeika, because i wanted to do better. But then I started getting new ideas, and got some cool results with PS.. and all the sudden i had a new character. So i ran with it. This one probably has the most work put in.. maybe second to Shadow or Cyrix.