2k4 Skins and Models for Download
Section: Requests
Here we go, this is as easy as 1-2-3.. and sometimes 4!

1. Unzip the file
2. Put .UTX files in the textures folder, inside of UT2004 on your C drive
3. Put .UPL files in the system folder, inside of UT2004 on your C drive
4. Put .UKX files in the animations folder, inside of UT2004 on your C drive (only the models require step 4)

And thats it! Done!

Known issues:
No team skins (I don't know how to set that up, sorry!)
Inside 2k4, the skins tend to blow out a bit

Thats all!
Happy downloading.

Requested by: <<BDC>>GooP

Goop wasn't originally going to be a model, I was just going to cover Gorge in green blobby stuff.

But Goop asked for his head to be bigger, and to try and get rid of the back piece, so into Max it went. Since those were easy enough.
While there, I decided to just "melt" everything, which was just yanking points around on the mesh. You can still tell it USED to be Gorge, but he's really messed up.

Oh yeah and if you don't get it.. it's a bio goop monster =P
Requested by: XxCannibalxX.psk

This was a skin I did for a friend in the clan I'm in, psk. He asked me if it was possible to do a cannibal skin with the Hannibal Lecter mask, and actually that was really easy. I just got a picture of that off google, and distorted it to fit the mesh.
The hardest part- though still easy, just time consuming, was the blood. And the only reason that was hard is because I'm real picky about how I want something to look, and I went back and forth a few times making sure I got the blood how I wanted it. So it looked nice and natural. All and all, this whole thing probably took maybe an hour ro put together, nothing too difficult, but it sure looks nice, eh? =D
Skin Count: 6
Model Count: 1
Requested by: SYN.psk

Another friend of mine in psk who asked for a skin.
All he told me for it was "black colors, and 'SYN' on the chest."
I did the rest.
I'm happy with this, though I wish I could make it ALL dark black like the upperbody. I didn't though, so that way it's not cheap and impossible to hit while running around in game.
Playability over asthetics ^_-
In this section you'll find the skins I've made for various people, upon request. And since I've been doing more of these, I decided to write up a little guideline for those who want to ask me for a skin. Read it frst before asking.

Rules for Requesting Skins:

Requests are cool! And I'm totally willing to do them, as long as it's within reason.

I won't do custom models. That is, something different- mesh wise, from the UT player models. USUALLY, anyway.
The reason is because it just takes way too long, depending on what it is. And it's a rather big hassle. Also, I just can't dedicate that amount of time to someone for a favor, I have way too much going on to spend days.. weeks.. etc, working on something like that.

Skins though, are totally doable. That is, re-mapping a UT player model to make it something else. But this has to be within reason. For example, taking nebri and making her into a bird is not within reason. Yes, I can do it, and DID it, obviously. But it took a good week or so, and I can't spend that much time on a favor for someone. I just can't, sorry.

But you can still get plenty of good work out of me. I know how to work fast, and I can gauge how long something will take me, usually. For example, I suggested to Goop instead of a blob model (because i wont do that), I take a UT player model and cover it in green goo. Turning it into sort of a blob man. And thats totally easy to do. So thats just a good example of what can be done.

Oh and while I'm on the subject, skins will not:
-be invisible
-be transparent
-be extremely dark
-be highly sexually explicit

The top three is just because i won't do a cheap "cheat" skin, and the bottom one is because I have my respect for my work, and I don't consider that type of work respectable at all.

So there you go!
And of course, when someone asks me for a skin, we have to talk about it a little bit before I get started, but thats the general rules.
Enjoy whats here, and feel free to drop me a line if you're interested in getting one done.
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Originals: My own personal creations
Requests: Skins made for other people as favors
Screenshots: The skins in action!
Requested by: CRUISE.psk (Now as "WAR_OF_THE_CRUISE")

NOTE: This skin is meant as a JOKE and is in NO WAY meant to offend anyone. If you're gay or feel strongly about gay rights, don't get offended. I'm not gay bashing here, I'm extremely AGAINST that. It's just a joke that someone asked me for. So don't take it personal.

Also, since I made a history for this one, I'm just gonna post that. Since it links with the Chocobo Revolution skins.  Which you can find in originals. But anyway.. The history!

Name:  Cruise
Age:   ?
Race:  Bird
Data: Cruise is the leader in the lesser known Chocobo movement of Gay Rights. Attempting to take a page from the deadly Chocobo Revolution lead by Grim's forces, Cruise decided to get nasty with his gay oppressors. Now, their reasoning is done with messy explosions instead of debates and discussions. As violent as he is though, Cruise just can't help but be happy almost all the time. Sending you to hell with a smile, and possibly giving you fashion tips while he's at it.
Requested by: A Non Clan Friend

NOTE: Was a request from a friend based off this anime character.
I just took Xan and did a quick cel shaded skin of it. But I don't take credit for the character. The character is from the anime "Full Metal Alchemist."

Name:  Alphonse Elric
Age:   12
Race:  Human (formerly)
Data: Bound to this suit of armor through a blood seal which is the only thing that keeps his soul here. This is Al's punishment for trying to use Alchemy with his brother Edward to resurrect their dead mother. Now Al and Ed are on a search to try and restore Al to his body and get Ed his arm and leg back. 'Nothing can be gained without something first being lost, that is the first rule of Alchemy
Requested by: HTM|Silence

This was a request from a friend of mine in the HTM clan. He wanted a "ninja" like character, and I kinda bent my rule a bit here about having dark skins. His is pretty dark, but he told me it was mainly for him, and not many people would actually see it. So i said okay.
He just wanted a scar on his right eye, but I found this really nice eye scar off a different UT model which included a white eye.. Turns out, it worked perfectly. Silence is a cybog! Love it when that happens.

I also made him a bio picture, shown to the left. It came out so nice, I decided to just use it here to show off the character instead of the standard frontal shots.

Name:  Silence
Age:   1 year old
Race:  Cyborg
Data: Silence is a cyborg that was created by Liandri. but during the testing, Xan Kriegor we believe, busted into the compound put in a virus to the Liandri mainframe and made Silence into a Ninja, now he is out to get Xan Kriegor to make him feel the pain he put him through, his chance is in the Unreal Tournament 2004, and he will be back aswell in Unreal Tournament 2007.
Requested by: Total Chaos
This was a request from a randdom paserby who saw my stuff and liked it. He wanted me to do an ICP type skin, and as it was really easy, i said sure.
This skin is amusingly enough, a hybrid of two other skins with new stuff put ontop. The base of it all is the Silence skin shown above. Then, the blood comes from the Cannibal skin. Lastly, a shirt and new face added on. Total time: about an hour.

Name:  Total  Chaos
Age:   18
Race:  Wicked Clown
Data: straight out of the hellish fires a wondering clown finds himself in chaos for the thurst for blood,it builds so he turns to the tournament looking to destroy everthing in his path and bring chaos to those around him so he earned the name total chaos from many his fans.