Lily Zandar
Lost and Found
Creation Year: 2005
Lily is the character that shouldn't exist. She was made specifically for one of  the guild's events Battle of the Sexes, and then was supposed to be done after that. However, due to other players putting a twist on things, the character ended up sticking around and being re-written into someone new. After that, she disappeared for awhile, but would visit now and again. During one particular visit she ended up with what happened to MJ: Universal adoration. And so she ended up sticking around longer and longer.. until finally falling for one of the frequent visitors there: Loki. A panther and in fact, Onyx's brother, who convinced MJ to stay as well. Funny how that works.
Lily is yet another "something different" thrown into my list. even though she wasn't supposed to exist, I've made her into something worth existing. She brings to the table a "girly side" of things and sexual energy which none of my other characters have. Also, since she loves clothes so much, drawing all sorts of different fashions on her is pretty fun.
Also, it's been a great challenge to make it look like Fox.. yet not just him as a girl or god forbid, in drag. Related, but clearly different. Quite a challenge, but one I enjoy.
Brief Bio:
Formerly the lover and magician's assistant to the "Great and Powerful Vladwick". Lily used to be a traveling stage magician moving from town to town. But secretly, she craved power and taught herself the art of hypnotism to dominate and command people. Her goal was to be ruler of the world and have everyone kissing her feet. But when she abused one particular member of FotHB, Kenfu.. She was shown something else she never considered. After abusing Kenfu for nearly 2 straight days, when Lily was being chewed out by Vladwick, Kenfu defended her. This simple action opened her eyes to the fact that people were people. They had feelings and lives and caring for one another. She thought about all the people who she had abused, how she never actually got to know a single one of them, and renounced her ways completely from that day forward.
This was good for Lily, but bad for her livlihood. She lost the desire to tour with Vladwick and felt lost without a purpose in the world. Eventually they ended up breaking up, as he vanished when the magician's act fell apart. Crushed, lost, and heartbroken, Lily returned to FotHB because she had nowhere else to go. But here she found new comfort in the members there, as they welcomed her back with open arms and tried to help her back to her feet.
It wasn't truly until meeting her new lover, Loki, that she finally really felt like she had a place again. Coupled as well with meeting Elrandra Llynn, who insisted that Lily be dubbed Fox's "sister". These two events really made her feel like she belonged to a family and mended her heart considerably. Rebuilt from the kindness of FotHB's members, Lily took residence within the Tavern itself, and now studies to learn real magic instead of stage magic.
Full Name: Lily Zandar (magician stage name: "The Lovely Lily")
Species: Dragon
Birthplace: FotHB
Age: Unidentified
Gender: Female
Height: 7ft 2inches
Job Title: Hypnotist, former magician's assistant
Relationship Status: Married to Loki
Tools of the Trade: Books, extravagant wardrobes, Hypnotic eyes
Abilities: Hypnotism, low level offensive and defensive magic spells. Medium level command over electricity
Personality: Endlessly curious. Eager to assist anyone in need. Mostly kind and happy, but prone to over reactions and even breakdowns. She has gotten considerably better over the years, but Lily is a dragon endlessly looking for self discovery. She also tries to carry herself with a level of class, and loves people who can craft eloquent words.