This was a project back in 2nd quarter at AIP. Where we had to make a self portrait, but not the conventional look in the mirror and draw, deal. Something about us, that tells about us, maybe something people dont know, and could be ANYTHING. I chose to make a box, and draw pieces to it. side 2 opens down to show side 6, which is in the middle, and side 4 opens down to show side 7. Side 6 and 7 are taped back to back, so you can view each one from each side, and they are stuck in the middle. Each of one the sides measure 15x15 inches wide, verrrrrrrry big project. But this was also a very complex, detailed and long project, so I have explained it all further down. Enjoy.

1. If you've browsed the site before, you'd notice that I actually have this under computer art, but it was originally part of my box, so here it is again! The concept and reason for having the outer space on my box is that I like to explore places, and what better place for exploration than outer space? I even used to want to be an astronaut when I was a kid. Space facinates me, so I made a space scene on my box to demonstrate my facination and love for it.
2. I actually had an actual side of bars that I drew, but since they were very basic, very plain, and not worth scanning, I didn't put them here. I just drew up some bars with some rectangle tools. The bars signify how I block myself off from the world, and from others. Now that doesn't mean that I am anti-social and dress in goth black clothing, and hate everyone.. I just am usually shy around others, and don't open up real fast. I usually take crap from people.. and don't act out, I'm dosile and usually very to myself. But those of you who talk to me online see a different side because I'm not talking to you in person and.. I dont know, I feel more relaxed, so to you guys I'm open and crazy like, but outside of that, I'm to myself. So the bars signify the jail I put myself in by shutting myself off from others. This side opens down to reveal side 7, which is my world.. with a few twists.
3. This picture of a forest once again shows my love of exploration. I like to mountain bike alot, and back home in NY I used to do it all the time, but in Pittsburgh iwas hard.. Anyway, The forest shows how much I love the outdoors and exploring. It doesnt look finished, but that is because I wanted to do something different. I didnt want to have the the same finished drawings all over the whole box. So this goes from fully rendered, do lightly sketched in. The concept behind that is that since the forest is unexplored yet, you don't know what comes ahead and thus, I can't draw it.
4. If you've looked at my Fox page, or know about him, this is actually where he lives. Zandar Cliff. This side, besides being part of Fox's life, is to show my love for flying. I'm not sure why, but I've always wanted to fly. And I don't mean with planes, though I did want to be a fighter pilot at one time, I mean with wings. Free flight. So the shot shows the edge of the cliff, but mostly the sky, because Fox usually takes off from there, to go wherever. But I really like how it turned out, and it looks kinda weird because it was done in watercolors.. and I'm not all that great with them. Still, I'm quite happy with it. This side opens down to show side 8, which is Fox's world.
5. This is the top, where everything comes together. I have pieces of each side on here. The tree, a planet,  the bars, clouds. And the symbol they are all in has no meaning except that we had to make some sort of shape, and use it. So I just started running off ideas, until I started working with talons. I took the basic talon shape, and stretched and pulled the edges of it, then added a sharp edge to it. Basically, I was just messing around and liked what I made, so I kept it. The blotches around the side are more significant though. They signify life. You start with light, and go to black. Light meaning the beginning, and black meaning the end. That all goes on the top because everything comes togther at the top, it's where it all begins and ends, and everything is drawn to it.
6. When you open down the bars, you see this is the center of the box. It is meant to my reality, my world. It's meant to be a boring typical grey room, whth some aspects that reflect myself. For one, my symbol is embeded into the upper left corner. Also, I have drawings of the sword Fox uses, and his cliff, both taped to my wall. I also have the words "Reflections of Myself" wrtten backwards so if you look at them in a mirror, you can read them forwards. This is a picture of me, touching the mirror with Fox on the other side. Now first off the mirror isn't traditional, it's actually made from Ice, but turns to water as it gets close to Fox because his energy melts it. So when I touch the mirror, it ripples with energy and is ment to look like his world and my world are colliding. Fox was also drawn up in that weird wavey style just because I was experimenting with different ways of drawing him, and I started going zany with different markers, liked it, so I kept that for the final. There is actually seran wrap over the mirror, to give it the reflective surface, which is why it looks so shiny. One of my friends suggested that idea, and it was a damn good one! But I ALSO have shattered mirror glass drawn along the outside walls of the room, that signifes the explosion of energy that occurs when Myself an Fox, from two different worlds, collide with eachother. Enough stuff you think?
7. This is Fox's world, it opens up when you pull down the side with the cliff, which is his home. It's much more lively, and alot has changed, in fact, it all has. No longer are the papers on the wall drawings, now they are real. Fox's sword is actually resting on the wall, and the cliff is actually there with lightning outside (his special ability). Also, now the mirror is pure fire, and what makes up the "glass" is the smoke from it. And off course, now it's him looking at me, since it's the flip side view. Fox's world is ment to look more dynamic, exciting, and more fun to be in than real life, which is normal and boring, and the reason for that is that Fox is in a fantasy, he himself IS fantasy so by most standards, it would automatically be more exciting than real life. Thats why we enjoy fantasy isnt it? because it's more exciting than our own lives? Thats how I feel anyway.

The whole concept of This Me and Fox thing is that he is everything i'm not, but more that I wish I was. He's outgoing, talkative, goofy sometimes, strong when he has to be, and he doesnt take crap from people.. Which is why I enjoy RPing him so much, it's my time to cut loose and just have fun. I can do anything my imagination can dream up, and I can express myself in ways that people around me usually don't see. The box shows that I cover myself up from people about these things, hell I'm even embarassed to talk about roleplaying, and Fox sometimes. Despite how much I enjoy it. So that, it this box explained.
And for further insight into the whole process, go to the link below. Which has been newly added.
Box Concept Development