Art Institute of Pittsburgh (College years of 2000-2001):
Mixed Medium projects at AIP. Most of these were either exercises in certain perspectives and styles, or practice with different mediums.
Mixed Mediums in different assignments
Colored Pencil? Marker? Ink? Scratchboard? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. and more. Plus some storyboards thrown into the mix.
Okay, this one is actually digital. 100% Photoshop. But it's part of the rest of the box! it needs to be here!
Creating the Box of "Me"
The Box was a very complicated process that comes down to two things in the end:
1. Being as creative as possible, and approaching one idea from as many ways as you can imagine. Even IF you think they will fail.
2. Making something as personal as possible, to represent "you" as a person.

Part 1 is displayed in full glory, start to finish , here. All the steps thought about to come to the end result.
And I loved this so much, this is almost exactly how I approach every concept design since.
Part 2, as you might expect, is basically a psychology experiment in many ways.
And as such, if you truly want to understand the significance, please read on this page
Online Web Comic:
Based off the AOL roleplaying guild I run. Years ago I started drawing comics for it. The link will take you to the rest.

These are a few favorites. And I semi lied. most of the effects work is done with Photoshop. And the 2nd to last one was all digital. But it's really mostly freehand.. Also, the last comic was done as an April fools joke done in crayons. But I still love it!
Backgrounds and Objects:
Background and Object/Still life art done over the years. From High school to present.
I was fortunate enough to go to a High School (Fairport High School) that encouraged using many different kinds of mediums to make art with.
It's hard to believe, but almost all of the top row was done in high school or even earlier.
The Monkey Island painting was done for someone else, and since I don't have access to it anymore, it will never actually be finished.
Characters and Commissions
I have a character page, but here are a few special highlights. Also, various commissions people have hired me for over the years.

My media for character creation has always been traditional. Pencil and ink, primarily. But as shown with backgrounds, I know plenty others as well. I'm really willing to take on any medium someone asks for. Just name it.
If you are interested in hiring me for anything, or would like to reach me for other reasons, contact:
Illustration done using traditional media: Pencil, marker, inks, paint, etc. Anything not involving computers.
Life Drawing
Various different sketches of drawing real (and often nude) models.
Left to right: 30 seconds, (1)  5 minutes (3),  30 minutes (1).