Cade Wolf
Vengeful Cold Blooded Hunter
Creation Year: 2001
Cade was literally created in less than a week. He was a school assignment that was "made a character in one week". Because of that, he's never been very developed. I also have a difficult time developing characters that are complete jerks. He would work wonderfully in a videogame setting. Some of told me "the next castlevania, man!" But as a character without those outlets, he just serves good drawings of violence.
Brief Bio:
Remember, this was made in one week!

Cade Wolf, Born in 1904 a small town just south of the Lithdow County border was raised to be
fighter. His father, the highly respected general of Hailen Castle, pushed Cade in everything he could. Cade did not get time to play like all the other kids. For him, it was always about becoming stronger so that one day he could take over for his father and defend the lands with the same strength and pride. At the age of 14 he joined the military force at the castle and quickly excelled up the ranks. At the age of 16, he had already risen to Third in command under his father.

While most were skeptical of such a small boy handling the high position, Cade proved himself on worthy of the title on many combat missions, and within a years time, claimed the place by his father's side, as Second in Command. This act however, did not go over smoothly. Enraged to be replaced by a mere child, the former SiC, Darrel Rhinehart, quit the Castle and left the region, secretly planning revenge for what he considered to be, being made a fool of. 2 Years passed since Darrel's disappearance, and Cade continued to grow stronger  with his father's guidance. He mastered the use of many weapons, including a spear, a dagger, and a whip, which he carries around with him currently.

While Cade may have been an excellent warrior, fighter, and battle strategist, he did not have much else going for him. Focused always on battle, or plans for battle, Cade had no social life whatsoever and his definition of "fun" would consist of heated spars or practice fights with real or simulated opponents. Because of this, Cade has always kept mostly to himself and stays rather serious 90% of the time.  He also bears a heavy hatred with him in the present days, due to what occurred 2 years after Darrel's vanishing. He refuses to talk about it, and asking him may very well land you on the sharp end of his spear. All that can be gathered from the unknown event, is he has an acute hatred for the werewolves that roam the surrounding lands. Hunting them down for no other reason than his own, Cade wanders the world, searching for his retribution.
Full Name: Cade Wolf
Species: Human
Birthplace: Hailen Castle
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 2inches
Job Title: Werewolf Hunter
Tools of the Trade: Chain whip, dagger, spear. All coated in silver.
Abilities: Expertise with the whip, spear, and blades. Also skilled in a few forms of matrial arts. Extremely skilled in tracking and killing werewolves
Personality: One track mind. Killing and killing werewolves. Cade is not out to make friends, he's out to exterminate a species. He is the very definition of a "loner", and has no problem telling other people off, or shoving them out of his way if it conflicts with his mission. But, as he says "you'll never find a better hunter."