Nate Horsfall
Freelance Animator/Artist
San Francisco, CA 94122
Cell: 415-728-3687

To work on top quality projects that have a strong vision. To work with a team who understands that the best way to success is to work together towards a shared goal. To create something that will stand the test of time. 

Field-Related Experience:

Drastic Games
Soundfall: Animated all 3d characters and environment assets, Learned level design and created 80% of the shipped finished levels, Assisted with song curation, assisted with QA tasks and extensive playtesting

Hasbro (CakeMix)
Nov'19-Dec'19, Oct'21-Oct'22
Hello Pinkie Pie :Web shorts: Animated characters on 4 different episodes which also included prop and camera work.
Mr. Potato Head :Web shorts: Animated characters on 4 different episodes which also included prop and camera work.

Free Range Games
Dec'18-Jan'19, Mar'20-May'20
Google AR Demo: Animated 24 characters for a google AR event in Barcelona.
VR Safety demos: Animated a variety of characters for VR safety exercises. 

Rumble Entertainment
Mar'16- Present
Unannounced Project: Lead Character Animator and animation outsource manager

Epic Games
Dec '15- July '16
Unreal Tournament 4: Character Animator

Gazillion Entertainment
Aug'12 -  May '15
Super Hero Squad Online:  Lead Character Animator and animation outsourcing manager

Nickelodean/MTV Games
July '11 - Nov'11
Unannounced Social Game: 3d and Flash Generalist

Electronic Arts
May '09 - May '09Feb '10 - Feb'11March'11 - June'11
Sims 3: Character animator for a Sims 3 Web Advertisement
The Sims Medieval Base game and Expansion Pack 1: Character animator
Unannounced PC Game: Character animator

Shaba Games
Feb '08 - August '08
Spiderman Web of Shadows:  Character animator for in game animations and in game cutscenes

Oct'05 - March '06July'06 - August'06May '07 - October '07Sept '08-December'08Sept'09-Oct'09
Over The Hedge:  Character animator for 7 Full Game Cutscene cinematics
Death JR. 2: Root of Evil:  Character animator for 3 Full Game Cutscene cinematics
Shrek 3:  Character animator for 5 Full Game Cutscene cinematics
Sonic Rivals 2:  Character animator for over 40 in game animations
Bee Movie:  Character animator for the intro game cinematic
Xavier: Renegade Angel (Season 1): Lead on episode 1 and 7. Assistant animator on 3 and 9.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Lead on 2 prerendered cutscenes
How to Train Your Dragon: Character Animator for multiple game cinematics totalling about 1 minutes 30 seconds.

Backbone Entertainment
Jan '04 - Nov '04
The Incredibles CD ROM Game:  Lead Animator for required pre-rendered game animations. 
Also served as TD, Render Manager, Level Designer, Fallback modeler and texture artist, and Bug Tester.
The Incredibles Downloadable Game:  Animator for in game animations.

Treanor Brothers Animation
July '02 - Sept '02Dec '02 - Jan '04April '05- May '05June '09 – June '09
Whirl Tour: Animator on cinematics for Papaya Studios using character studio. 
Rise to Honor: Lead Animator dealing with Motion Capture Blending and cleanup. 
DJ Shadow Music Video- Mashin' on the Motorway: Animation of cars and cameras for a DJ shadow broadcast music video.
Dinotopia: Animator for 15 in game NPC animations to be inserted later.
Mythica: Full character animation and motion capture blending of a 2 minute cinematic piece.
Sudeki: Single character animation for X02 trailer. Full character animation, blending of clips, cleanup on E3 2003 trailer.
Whiplash: Character Animator for Cinematic and in game animations. 
Legacy of Kain: Defiance: Character Animator for in game cinematics.
True Crime: Animation and clip blending on multiple Cinematic videos done for the web. Character and object animation.
Daredevil: All animation and Blending of mixed motion capture for 17 minutes of cinematics.
Vanguard: Multiple Full Character Animations for the E3 05 cinematic trailer.
Littlest Pet Shop: Character Animator for multiple cinematic renders over two games in the series.

Oct '02 - Dec '02
Zoombinis 3: Animator and 3d Artist on opening cinematic. 
Matchbox Videogame: 3d Artist. Physiqued, animated 2 characters. Low poly modeling of a garbage truck racing model.

May '02 - July'02
3d Artist: Modeling, creating GUI design, and animating for a startup  videogame company with no publisher.

Art Institute of Pittsburgh
June 'spring 00 - August '01
Tutor: Tutored in all aspects of Photoshop, Drawing, Math, English, Character creation and Animation.

Freelance Art and Web Graphics
1996 - Present
Graphic Design, 3d Art and Animation, CD Artwork, Illustration,Character creation in both conceptual form and finalized ink or color pieces, background artwork, interface design, custom game skins, and more. 

*Animation     *Character Design          *Illustration         *Maya        *3D Studio MAX      *Character Studio
*Adobe PhotoShop*Adobe After Effects     *Adobe Premiere*Toonz       

Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Associates Degree in Computer Animation, Class of Winter 2001.

DJ Shadow Music Video Held in Rez Fest 2003.
AIAS awarded “Incredibles: Escape from Nomanisan Island” downloadable game of the year.
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