Vampire Variations Cover

Found under: Graphic Design Metroid Metal Tallon Overworld Banner

Found under: Illustration (digital)Made of Metal cover.

Found under: Graphic DesignMarble Madness: Album  Artwork

Found Under: Graphic Design (Albums)Black and Red

Found Under: Illustration (Digital)
and Characters (Red)Skyfire

Found Under: Other MediumsFragile Utopia band Shirt

Found under Graphic DesignCommunity Reload Logo for UT2k4

FOund under: Graphic DesignGround Zero

Found Under: Characters (Red)Fox Intro Frame still:

Found Under: Animation (FVR)
and 3d Software

Model and rigging by Eric Ronay
Textures,  Morphs, animation, lighting,  and background by Nate HorsfallThe Gate

Found Under: Other MediumsA Fox in the Forest: Pen illustration

Found under: Illustration (traditional)FVR Selection Screen Interface

Found Under: Animation (FVR)
and Illustration (Digital)Contra 4: Rocked N' Loaded CD Back Image

Found under: Graphic DesignRed 3d Model:

Found Under: Animation (FVR)
and 3d Software

Model by Eric Ronay
Textures and Morphs by Nate Horsfall
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Current as of: 3/19/15
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Note: Some of these represent shipped work, in game cutscenes, marketing cutscenes, and so on.
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3/12/2012: Happy.. New Year?

Yes, it's been since last year that I updated. But as always, that hardly means I have nothing to show. No, in fact it actually means I have hundreds of things.

For Starters, I have a Twitter account now, If you follow me you might get updates sooner than I post here. Because we all know I am bad about updating this regularily.

But wait, you hate Twitter? Thats okay, I set up a facebook page as well.

If you hate both of those.. Sorry! I'll try to be better. Only been saying that for 10 years...
But on with the updates!

New Demo Reel. Currently available for hire.

New Track Banner for Metroid Metal.  And Don't forget Queen. Do you like Metroid Metal? Will you be at PAX East? Me too. And I will have banners for sale as well as other things to blow your mind.

Made Of Metal Artwork for VikingGuitar. Which even made it on Kotaku. What!?
Go support Viking's Music School for home recording Kickstarter Project too.

Evil Lemur Doom Tribute EP . By Adam Henry.  Made this with my brother. "Doom Metal" Has never been more accurate.

Character Designs for a discoutinued Independent iphone project
And sketches for a Don Bluth Character design class.

Tons of Various Digital Illustrations, mostly from Sketch a Day 2012.

Thats all for now, but I hope to- as always, have more cool stuff in the future. It's on the way! Just a matter of me putting forth the effort to post it to my own website.

Thanks for visiting.

4/2/2012: April Fools

If you saw this site yesterday and saw my quitting art forever, to instead start a music career with great lines like "KEEP THE WORLD FULL OF SKULLS!" then, let me just tell you that was my april fools gag.

If you didn't see it? Here it is. right here.

Heres the reality: i'm swamped with side projects. Gonna have something really really cool at PAXEAST. but still also looking for a proper job.

Check out my demo reel and help me out with one, won't you?
6/17/2012: Summer Fun

Been a few months, which means.. Time for updates! As usual, there are a lot.

PAX East came and went. That was fun! I "turned Metroid Metal's set into a Tool concert", according to Stemage. No proper footage exists, but here are a few to see. :

In More Stemage News, a Marble Madness Album he made- which I did art for, released!
Get it. And then Check out some Merch.

I also did a logo and special Final Fantasy picture for the amazing Super Guitar Bros.

And yeah there is more! I ALSO did artwork for a crazy 51 Track Chiptunes album! With Merch!

And then there have been DoD things. And Then there are a handful I can't even show you yet! It's just all crazy. All the time.

I HAVE A STORE NOW, TOO!  a proper one. with 50+ things. Go check it out!

It's going to be a busy summer!

3/19/2015: The Usual

Three years without updating this site is a new record! I've, as always, been way too busy.
I think I've worked on about a billion projects since 2012. Maybe a billion and two.
But if you follow me on Facebook you'll keep track of everything I'm doing.

And I even went ahead and signed up from DeviantArt.
Hooray for more things to NOT update!

Today is the day I update my new demo reel. it's been.. well, 3 years.

I work for Gazillion right now on Super Hero Squad Online.
It's Looney Tunes meets Marvel, man.

Did you know there is a new Unreal Tournament being made?
Im gonna make some things for it. :)

Also, In 2013 I decided to be super crazy and put together a Secret of Mana Tribute Album with over 80 friends. It's pretty great, and I went extra bonkers and made 25 something pieces of art for it- some of which with a friend and my brother, or both! I kind of love Secret of Mana. Should probably put that on this site someday...